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I had heard that it’s common to get a tour of the kitchen after dinner.  Since our reservation was for 9:30 on a Thursday night, that meant we’d be having a tour around midnight.  I had to be in a training class the next morning, so when I confirmed my reservation on Tuesday, I asked if we could arrive a bit early to get a kitchen tour.  I was very politely told to arrive on time and that the kitchen tour would happen after dinner.  So, after dinner, I asked if we could get a tour of the kitchen. (I was surprised it wasn’t offered, since our server knew this was our first visit to Alinea and I think the table next to us went down before the desert dishes started.)  At this point, it is midnight and there’s really nothing to see since the last chocolate ball has been broken and the kitchen is being cleaned.  I was disappointed because I had seen pictures of the kitchen in action and was really looking forward to see it for myself.

Overall rating: 3 out of 5
Minus ½ – I left hungry
Minus ½ – I didn’t like a lot of the food
Minus ½ – Our servers didn’t provide full descriptions of each course, even though we heard more information being given to other tables.
Minus ½ – non-kitchen tour

Some people really dislike the term ‘foodie’.  Since I haven’t found a better term, I go ahead and call myself a foodie.  After experiencing fine dining at Alinea, I may need to amend that and call myself a ‘comfort-foodie’.  I feel like maybe I’m not a foodie, at least in the ‘fine dining’ sense, though maybe I’m more of a ‘comfort-food foodie.’  I’m still glad we went to Alinea.  Even knowing what I know now about the meal, I don’t think I could have been talked out of it, so maybe I am a foodie after all.

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3 Comments to “Alinea Review”

  1. Sharyn says:

    Very impresed with your description of each sample of food. I think I will need to live this experience vicariously through your detailed descriptions.
    Looking forward to gelatto at the end of May.


  2. Becky says:

    What a bizarre façade for a restaurant! I’m glad you liked the food, even though it was scant.

  3. Jane Hackenberg says:

    When we were in New Orleans we ate at the French Quarter and that restaurant also gave little bitty portions for a big price. We were unhappy but we did have the experience of eating in that fancy place. So some restaurants are not about the quantity of food. Which still boggles my mind and stomach!

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