Bulk Grocery in Grand Rapids

Last week, I was in San Antonio and visited a Whole Foods for the first time. One thing I really wish we had here in Grand Rapids is a bulk food store. Yes, my go-to grocery store, Nourish Organic Market, has some items in bulk, but I was almost drooling over the 30+ feet of bulk options at Whole Foods.

In my email today was a note from Angela at Treehuggers explaining that she’s looking to add a bulk food section to her (already) super-cool store in East Hills.   I already endorsed them (see below), and will likely be making a contribution to the Kickstarter campaign. Here are the details:

Our Bulk Grocery Is Growing!

With help from Bartertown Diner, endorsement of our bulk grocery project on Start Garden, a website that provides funding to projects based on their support from people like you.

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