The Homemade Pantry

I have a new toy cookbook.   The Homemade Pantry, by Alana Chernila, and the her blog,  Eating From The Ground Up, were mentioned on another blog I follow.   Alana and I share similar philosophies about food.  Her blog post called Easy really hit home with me and I agree that I don’t cook at home because it’s easy.

When I cook (mostly) from scratch, I can control the ingredients, which means it doesn’t include lots of chemicals and other things I can’t pronounce or spell.  I can use organic ingredients as much as possible and purchase items from local stores and farms that I want to support, instead of a big-box retailer.

Most things I cook wouldn’t be considered difficult, but aren’t in the category of 30-minutes or less, super fast or extremely easy.  But, I’d venture a guess that they taste better than packaged meals and are healthier.

Various people have put together stories about how they’ve cooked their way through a particular cookbook.  There’s Julie & Julia, where a woman cooked through one of Julia Child’s cookbooks.  There’s Alinea at Home, where she’s cooking her way through the massive Alinea cookbook.  I can’t even comprehend that.  But, I can see myself working through The Homemade Pantry and sharing my experiences with you.  Hopefully I can inspire you to make something from scratch, too.

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  1. Lori says:

    This is really bizarre, I was at my friends house tonight and she had that book on her coffee table. I’m going back Thursday and I’ll spend a bit more time looking through it.

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