Cream Cheese Biscuits

Once again, I’m just going to provide a link to this recipe for cream cheese biscuits.  I’ve made these a few times and they’ve been consistently great.  I didn’t brush the biscuits with butter and they turned out fine, but maybe a little pale.  Also, I used 3/4 c. whole milk with 1 T. white vinegar instead of the buttermilk.

I’ve added about a cup of shredded cheddar cheese to these and used chive and onion cream cheese.  Next time, maybe I’ll mash some strawberries in with the cream cheese and/or add some strawberries.

I’d be curious about how to adapt this to use regular (not self-rising) flour.  Let me know if you have suggestions.

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  1. Mom says:

    I made these biscuits with chives. It was my first time EVER making biscuits. They turned out good according to a friend of mine who rolls out biscuits a few times a month. To me that is a quite a compliment. Her husband also liked them,as I sent home with her. they stayed fresh tasting after a week of being stored in the refrigerator in Tupperware.
    (intentionally, I omitted strawberries)

    • Mychele says:

      Congrats on your first batch of biscuits! I’ve been wanting to try a batch with cheddar and bacon, but keep forgetting until I am pulling them out of the oven, which makes it hard to add ingredients at that point. :)

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