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Bulk Grocery in Grand Rapids

Last week, I was in San Antonio and visited a Whole Foods for the first time. One thing I really wish we had here in Grand Rapids is a bulk food store. Yes, my go-to grocery store, Nourish Organic Market, has some items in bulk, but I was almost drooling over the 30+ feet of bulk options at Whole Foods.

In my email today was a note from Angela at Treehuggers explaining that she’s looking to add a bulk food section to her (already) super-cool store in East Hills.   I already endorsed them (see below), and will likely be making a contribution to the Kickstarter campaign. Here are the details:

Our Bulk Grocery Is Growing!

With help from Bartertown Diner, endorsement of our bulk grocery project on Start Garden, a website that provides funding to projects based on their support from people like you.

Alinea Reservations

I just got reservations at Alinea! Lord willing, K and I will be having dinner at North America’s best restaurant the second week of April.

Tornado Watch Ice Cream

In the process of updating my Inspiration page  tonight, I went over to Jeni’s to capture her web site so I could link to it.  I saw this gooey butter cake ice cream and decided I had to have it.  I called Art of the Table to confirm they had some in stock. 

Yes, I had heard on the radio that we’re under a tornado watch, but those are the ones that don’t really matter, right?  The tornado warnings (the ones that mean you should head to the basement) weren’t very close.  So, I got James (the dog) in the car and set out, since it wasn’t even raining. 

Halfway there, James is starting to whine.  it’s getting dark out, raining like crazy, and I think I saw small hail.   By the time I got out of the store, it was hardly raining, though, so I drove half a block to get my coffee fix at Rowster Coffee.

I admit this wasn’t one of my smarter decisions and I will probably stay home next time we’re under a tornado watch.  After all, the conditions are favorable for a tornado to develop.  But, it will be a very hard decision…the ice cream is amazing.

Ironic Dinner

I spent a significant amount of time today working on getting my domain name, hosting, and blog started.  I only took a break to go out for sushi and take a nap.  I didn’t even cook dinner.  Kip had leftovers and I am having a mug of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup.  I find this amusing since the blog is going to focus on real food and home cooking.